Why the Beach is Good for Your Business

The best way to attract and retain staff is to show them they matter. Work retreats allow your team to interact in new and exciting ways that bolster camaraderie. Whatever your development goals are, Tofino provides the perfect dose of mental and physical nourishment, healthy stimulus, and motivation. Long Beach Lodge Resort's experienced events team will make ease of your corporate getaway by facilitating an engaging and fulfilling itinerary, balancing your work and play needs.




QUANTITY - Increase Productivity

Company retreats should be considered an investment in your strongest asset: the people. A change in scenery has the power to disrupt cubicle complacency. Revitalize the minds and bodies of your team with fresh air, epic vistas, and limitless indulgence. Treating your staff to a glorious beach break will significantly improve morale and perhaps inspire a new passion for their position, returning to the office refreshed and ready to conquer.

QUALITY - Stimulate Creativity

By breaking routine, staff members gain a new perspective, not only for their work but the people around them. It may not be easy to eliminate stress all together but we can disengage from our stressful environments. Tofino is a place that naturally inspires and stimulates creative thinking. Negative ions produced by the crashing waves have been said to alleviate depression, stress and boost energy. The beach enables you to rejuvenate, re-group and discover new ways to approach your business practice.

CONNECTION - Improve Communication

As your team interacts in new and positive ways, they inadvertently build connections. Adventure activities create shared experiences through which coworkers can bond. Exposure to new environments may reveal the hidden strengths or talents of your team members. By encouraging more dynamic relationships within the company, you are opening the doors to stronger communication.




Long Beach Lodge Resort is your '1-stop shop' for luxury accommodations, high-end cuisine, world-renowned adventure activities, and modern facilities to suit all your business needs.

A successful program integrates the following four components:

  • ACTIVATE | the senses
We highly recommend a gentle transition into Tofino Time. It can be quite dramatic for those arriving from busier parts of the world. Settle into the new environment with a dose of relaxation as you adjust to the fresh air and calm surroundings. 

Take a Hike | Soak & Sauna at the Surf Club Adventure Centre | Relaxation Ideas 

  • BOOST | morale
Now that everyone has had a chance to relax, it’s time to promote opportunities for connection and to create memories that your team will reminisce about for years to come. There are many activities to choose from right here at the lodge and around town.

Surf/Sup Rentals & Lessons | Marine Excursion | Out & About Tofino Adventures

  • CREATE | space for success
Take the board meeting to the beach or take advantage of our private event space. Approach company development in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere that encourages new thought processes and interpretation. Our modern services and amenities include high speed internet, easy access to AV equipment, adaptable room configurations, and more.

Enjoy Customized Catering | Lunch-to-Go | Explore our Business Amenities

  • DECOMPRESS| & reflect
It’s simple, lighten the mood and return home renewed! Choose from an array of activities designed to clear your mind and send you home in an energized state. Whether you seek an adrenaline release or a blissful lounge while taking in the view, we have something to satisfy everyone. 

Private or Group Yoga Session | Relax in The Great Room | Enjoy an In-Room Massage

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