Tidbits from Tim

Tim Hackett - Owner, Long Beach Lodge Resort

March 2024

March is a great month at the lodge with Spring Break and Easter at the end of the month. Both occasions bring families back to the lodge after the winter, which is great to see.  On Easter Sunday we will have our annual Easter Egg hunt for the kids which is always lots of fun.

We are a very pet friendly property, and during February we offered our four-legged family members a free stay. Along with their visit, and on your pet's behalf, we donated $50 for each dog who visited for a total of $3,000 to the CARE NETWORK (Coastal Animal Rescue and Education) in Tofino.  They are very appreciative and wanted to thank all your pets who participated. This offering will now become an annual February event.

As you are aware, we are very excited to be finally opening our new Rainforest Spa, on or before, the first of May. I believe that the spa was our one missing link, considering our business model today. Now the back-story! About 15 years ago, I thought that we should build a spa. I went to my architect and together we designed a lovely spa building. After the plans were complete, I went to the resort with the intention of submitting the plans to the District of Tofino for a building permit early the next day. When I awoke the next morning, I somehow had a change of heart and decided not to go ahead with the project!  I don’t know if I was influenced by Charles McDiarmid,  who had told me that "If you think a restaurant is challenging, try building a spa.” My next grand scheme was to build the Surf Club, which we did a few years later. With our location, right on the beach, it proved to be the right choice. It is interesting to note that surfing for visitors in Tofino was really only discovered about 25 years ago. Before then, there were only the local surfers, who kept the sport a big secret for years, not telling anyone!  As the spa is well under construction, I can no longer have any doubts!

We would love to have you visit during March.

Best wishes, Tim   

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