The Real Surf Season Has Arrived in Tofino

September, October and November are widely-regarded as the best months to surf on BC's West Coast.
The Surf Club at Long Beach Lodge Resort has everything you need (and more) to get you out in the water.   Andy Herridge finds a thick one at a beach that's been asleep all summer.   That autumn light just hits a little different.

In a place that’s famous for year-round surf, you could say that it’s always “Surf Season” in Tofino. And you’d be right! Waves are in high supply around here. But there’s just something magical about these next few months.

“September is my favourite, personally,” says Chance McCullough, head of Long Beach Lodge’s Surf Club. “The waves are good, the weather’s still warm and the sunsets are still epic.”

Local surfers wax poetic all summer long about the fall sessions to come. Not too big. Not too small. Just the right amount of energy in the ocean to light up not just Cox Bay, but a few of the other local beaches that have been lying dormant all summer.

Good livin’, baby.

Surfline, one of the top wave forecasting sites, echoes all of these sentiments:

“(September-November) you can’t really go wrong with fall on the West Coast of North America,” the site explains. “The weather and wind conditions are generally calm and comfortable, while early storms in the North Pacific bring healthy groundswell.”

Green waves abound with no one around. Fall on BC's West Coast really pumps up the jam. /// Photo: Andrea Helleman   The consistent, powerful whitewash at Cox Bay will get beginner surfers popping to their feet in no time.   Fall sessions await.

And while the following few months capture the collective imagination of seasoned surfers, fall’s a great time of year for beginners and intermediates as well. The whitewash has a little extra OOMPH that helps pop you straight to your feet. And if you’re looking for those coveted green waves out back, there’s a good chance you’ll find a little sand bank that you can call your own.

Of course, we’re still on the wild west coast of Vancouver Island. So it’s wildly unpredictable. Sometimes Storm Watching season comes a little early, with six-metre swells smashing into our coastline.

And sometimes you’re suntanning in the autumn light between the best surf sessions you’ve ever had out here.

Tofino’s full of surprises.

It’s part of our charm.    

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