5 Reasons Why Rainy Wedding Days Are Awesome

Don’t let the weather get you down on your big day! Rain could even make your wedding more magical.

So you’ve been planning your wedding for months–booked, found the perfect wedding day outfit, invited all of your friends and family–only to discover there’s a chance of rain on the big day. We know this can feel like the end of the world after all the hard work you’ve put in. But there’s no reason to let a little storm ruin one of the most important days of your life.


1. It's actually good luck

Alanis Morissette got this one so wrong. The idiom “tie the knot” is one with which most brides are very well acquainted. This phrase dates back centuries, and most historians believe it originated with Celtic “handfasting ceremonies” where a couple was bound in matrimony by tying knots of cloth around their hands. As for how the rain ties in…well, have you ever tried to untie a wet knot? It’s pretty hard! Rain on your wedding symbolizes that your marriage will be strong and stand the tests of time. In some cultures, rain on your wedding day also symbolizes fertility, cleansing of the past, and renewal.

2. You can get amazing photos

Sure, a smiling bride and groom on a sunny day is always classic, but have you seen some of the stunning and unique shots that can be captured in the rain?

3. Your first dance could be even more magical

People love dancing in the rain for a reason - it’s way more fun. If you’re not worried about your gown getting a little dirty, forget about whirling and twirling around indoors and take your first dance outside. Pro tip: you may want to have a second wedding dress waiting in the wings so that you’re not uncomfortable for the rest of the evening.

4. Your reception will be extra cozy

While it might look dark and gloomy outside, spirits are bright and warm inside. Nothing beats sharing the love for one another, in an intimate setting, with the people closest to your heart.

5. You get to accessorize and dance in it

Umbrellas and gumboots. Yes and yes. 

Erin Wallis Photography   Erin Wallis Photography   Erin Wallis Photography

Are you worried about rain on your wedding day? Don't fret. Our wedding & events team is here to help you prepare, so your dream day goes off without a hitch!


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