Fall for November in Tofino

Tofino’s Transition from one season to the next brings out the best in our crew at Long Beach Lodge.


As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, Tofino’s world class hospitality steps up to warm the soul. Many a seasoned visitor consider November to be Tofino’s most magical month of the year. Storm Season begins in earnest as The Pacific Ocean ramps up from her more docile, summertime self. The first of our winter swells begin to collide with our coastline and Mother Nature puts her greatest theatrics on display.

And the best part? You can watch it all from the comfort of the Great Room with a fall-inspired cocktail in one hand and a forkful of our delicious Charred Squid in the other. Yes indeed, the food and drink hit a little different when you’re shielded from the elements, surrounded by family and friends. The coziness is real!


Every fall, our culinary team is inspired by the change of seasons. Some of that inspiration is channelled into our Movember Dinner, a collaboration between Great Room chefs Shaun Snelling and Sam Bruyère, and also Toki Doki’s Kei Lowes. “The dinner will be a westcoast take on casual Japanese cuisine,” explains Snelling. Guests will be welcomed with a cocktail, presented with canapés and taken on a journey through five courses that celebrate the change of seasons, our beautiful coastline, and the bounty of the sea. Tickets are $89 per person, with all proceeds going to The Tofino Fire Department and Movember Fundraiser.

Email events@longbeachlodgeresort.com to get your tickets. 
Moustaches, in any stage of growth, are highly encouraged.

Later in the month, our little town at the end of the road hosts the Tofino Oyster Fest, an event that “celebrates the abundance and beauty of the sea in and around Tofino.” The festival takes place from November 24th- 26th, culminating with a competition that crowns the fastest Oyster Shucker in town. The weekend truly showcases how proud this community is our seafood.

But November offers so much more than delicious cuisine. There’s still plenty of sunshine between storms, the surf starts sneaking into beaches that have laid dormant through the summer and solitude—should you seek it—is that much easier to come by on our vast, empty beaches.

Of course, all of that is best celebrated with food, drink and the soul-nourishing power of an elevated hospitality experience.


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