Let's keep wildlife, wild!

Tofino is home to black bears, wolves, cougars and many others incredible wildlife species. We are committed to respecting these animals and ensuring we are not attracting them close to our community. 



When visiting you can help protect and respect wildlife habitats through proper wildlife etiquette, and knowing safe ways to view wildlife. Some simple things you can dot to help are: 

  • Always keep dogs on a leash. Unleashed dogs kill animals - they are, after all, carnivores by nature. They can destroy nests or harass ground dwelling birds and small animals. Not only can dogs displace wildlife, dogs that chase after bears can bring them back to their owners or be killed. Wild animals can perceive dogs as a potential threat and some wildlife will consider them prey. 
  • Leave No Trace. By taking trash home or putting it in bins. Please do not leave trash beside full bins as it will blow away and animals could either ingest the garbage 
  • Respect The Space. Never get too close to wildlife. View and photograph wildlife from a safe and respectful distance. A good rule of thumb is when wildlife notices you, you are too close.
  • Bears don't like surprises. Make noise while you are hiking - talk to people in your group, bring a whistle, consider clapping or singing. 
  • Respect Wild Animals. Keep hands and snacks to yourself. Getting too close to wildlife to feed or touch can become a dangerous situation.

To learn more about visiting & recreating in wildlife country, visit: www.wildsafebc.com



More Tofino 360 Stories

"Fantastic family trip"
This lodge was perfect for our family of 5 during our Tofino visit. It's about 10 minutes south of Tofino on beautiful Cox Bay, which was perfect for our kids to play frisbee and volleyball on the beach. Even in bad weather we spent time out on the beach. The cottage was perfect for us and felt really roomy. Dinner in the Great Room was wonderful and all the staff was so pleasant. This was the most pet-friendly place we've been to in a while. Fantastic visit.
"'Amazing' only begins to describe it"
My wife and I stayed for three nights, and it was everything we could have imagined and more. The food was delicious (we enjoyed two dinners and a breakfast in the Great Room), the friendly, accommodating, and cheerful staff made us feel comfortable and at home, the location is unmatched (stepping out our patio door and directly onto the beach never got old,) and the overall vibe of the lodge -- luxurious but unpretentious – was truly something to experience. We travelled with our six month-old daughter -- our first trip with her -- and any reservations we had about doing this were quickly alleviated when we arrived and checked in and saw there was a pack-and-play ready for her in our room. We also travelled with our dog; a water/ food bowl, treats, and a towel in case of rain (it didn't) were waiting for him. I'm happy to say we all slept well every night, in the incredibly comfortable king-size bed! Thank you for everything LBL--this was an experience we won't forget!
"Special place"
Long Beach Lodge did not disappoint. Cider and a note was put in our room to celebrate our sister-in-laws stay away. All staff so friendly we honestly felt like they were friends. Sunset and ocean views so calming. Great food at on site restaurant. Easy access to local recreation. We were very looked after and left knowing we’d be back.