Staff Spotlight
Sandeep Sharma

It’s hard to imagine two places more different than Delhi and Tofino. But Sandeep Sharma—one of the esteemed members of our night audit team—has seamlessly made the transition from one place to the next.

He landed in Vancouver nine months ago and wasted no time in getting to the white sand beaches of Tofino.

“I love the beauty of this place and the sea,” explains Sandeep, barely containing his ever-present smile. “The beaches are very good. The forest and wildlife are awesome. I haven’t seen wildlife in my life and this in Tofino, I love it.”

Of course it helps that Sandeep has brought a little bit of India along with him. He’s known around our Staff Accommodation for making delicious curries and also for his masterful brewing of delicious tea.

“My tea is very famous in the lodge,” says Sandeep with a laugh. “It is an energy drink!”

On his days off, Sandeep and his friends play Cricket in Ucluelet. They don’t quite have the numbers to have 22 people on the field, but they’re often able to organize five people per team. Sandeep was a Wicket Keeper through school in India, so those matches in Ucluelet help make this place feel like home.

At the lodge, everyone who works with Sandeep says the same thing:

He’s always happy!

“It’s my nature,” says Sandeep. “I’m never upset any time. I will always bring a smile on my face and talk to people with happiness.”

Sandeep’s favourite part about working at the lodge is how everybody supports one another. As a Night Audit, he helps make sure that everything is in order financially (amongst other duties). He brings a wealth of experience to the position with a background as a Senior IT Manager back in India. And while most people might not like the late hours that Night Audit entails, Sandeep embraces them.

We could all learn a thing or two from Sandeep!

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