Mocktails and Non-Alcoholic Beer? Long Beach Lodge Has Got You Covered!

There are many reasons not to imbibe. With that in mind, LBLR has curated an epic selection of non-alcoholic drinks for our guests to enjoy.

Spiced Ginger   Sparkling Lemon Tea   Guava Splash

The “beverage” aspect of F&B culture has always been a driving force behind the industry. People study their whole lives to become Sommeliers. Bartenders can wax poetic for hours about the tasting notes of an IPA. And connoisseurs will argue to the death that Single Malt Whisky should never be called Scotch, even if it’s from Scotland.

It’s beautiful, really.

But in a culture dominated by spirit-forward drinks, there’s a demographic of people who can feel a little left out. Well that’s just not fair, so we put the time into crafting a few delicious new drinks in The Great Room.

“We created non-alcoholic cocktails that have the same depth and presentation as traditional cocktails,” explains Head Bartender Michael Sedor. “I mean, anyone can make a Shirley Temple.”

Not that there’s anything wrong with Shirley Temples. They’re a classic. But we call them Tofino Temples around here.

Either way, here’s a quick taster of The Great Room’s spirit-free drinks:

Spiced Ginger

This Mule didn’t come from Moscow. It was created right here on Cox Bay. The base of the drink is our ginger purée, which is made in-house from both candied and raw ginger. Then it’s balanced with a shot of lime juice while a splash of non-alcoholic Falernum syrup delivers enough spice for the drink to earn its namesake.

Sparkling Lemon Tea

It’s said that our head bartender, Michael Sedor, spent three years in a top secret laboratory creating this beverage. It’s also said that you should never let the truth get in the way of a good drink descriptor. But once you taste the Sparkling Lemon Tea, you might just believe its origin story.

Guava Splash

Get those pinkies up! Because this fruity little number demands a digit thrust skyward. Guava Juice, Lemon and our house-made Strawberry Hibiscus syrup come together for the perfect summer beverage.

Pair it with a sunset over Cox Bay for best results.

Partake Beers

While our mocktails are truly delicious, they’re not necessarily for everyone. Sometimes you just want to crack a beer to celebrate a great day on the coast. Thankfully, the non-alcoholic beer industry has evolved in the last few years and Partake—a Canadian Brewery—has been part of that evolution.

Their Blonde Ale is beyond crushable, especially on a hot day.  The IPA is a well-balanced, hop-forward take on a traditional IPA. And the Pale Ale boasts a nice blend of maltiness and tropical flavours.

In other words, they taste like beer!

Of course, reading about these drinks doesn’t do them justice at all. You’ll have to come in and taste them for yourself! Whatever your reason may be for not drinking, Long Beach Lodge has got you covered.

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