Chase & Embrace the Storm

Sure, winter in Tofino may bring short days, dark skies, and seemingly relentless winds. But it also brings an unbelievable freshness to the air, exhilaration to the skin, and impressively wild entertainment for the eyes.

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We've had an incredible storm season thus far. The west facing beaches of Cox Bay collect the building swells pushed in from the North Pacific Ocean. Giant waves crash against the rocky shoreline, thrusting bursts of salt water and sea foam into the air to be carried effortlessly down-shore by the sweeping winds.

Every storm is unique and to experience one in person is as though you're treating the senses to a spa day. Ocean water is packed with nutrients and minerals and a visit to the sea can have many physical and mental health benefits. The white noise of crashing waves has been proven to aid with sleep, helping you truly recharge during your holiday!

Rather stay inside? Perched on the high-tide line, our water-view rooms or the Great Room dining hall offers the perfect vantage point for guests who want a dry place to take in the show. There is nothing cozier than basking in the warm glow of the Lodge on a cold day.

Book a sea-side getaway and catch the best in winter storm watching from the comfort of your room or steps from your private rainforest cabin.

*We recommend always using extra caution during storm season. High tides and surging seas pose higher risk for shoreline spectators. Observe and obey local beach warnings and potential closure signs that may be posted at trail heads during high-risk periods.

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