Help Us Save Lives

With many small contributions, we can make a big difference for our friends in Peru!

As many of you may know, Peru and its people hold a special place in the hearts of the Long Beach Lodge team and owners, Tim and Diane Hackett. Through the collaborative Felti program, guests have been tremendously supportive of Peruvian conservation and economic development in rural communities. These same communities now need our help more than ever as they fight to keep friends and families alive amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tim and Diane appeal to you at this time to join them in supporting our friends to the south.

Dear Friends and Guests,

We have chosen to share this important message with you today as we recognize there is great urgency in the circumstances. At this time, we understand that not all are in a position to contribute financially but even helping to spread the word is invaluable and will most certainly save lives.

We have become very close to a young Peruvian couple now living in Victoria, Jonathan and Francis. They arrived in Canada knowing very little English and have since become part of our extended family. Francis recently graduated from UBC with a Master’s Degree and Jonathan has worked his way up to Assistant Manager in our construction company. We will soon be celebrating their achievement of Canadian permanent residency. We are so proud of them and the huge strides they have made. 

Over the last few months, we have become increasingly concerned for their families and the community members of Batán Grande; a small town of 6000 at the base of the Andes in the north of Peru. Francis and Jonathan made the long journey home to help their friends and family during this difficult time. What they arrived to has shocked and devastated us all. Due to a lack of government support, oxygen, protective equipment, and overrun hospitals, the case-count and death toll is climbing. Their neighbours, friends, and relatives are dying on a daily basis. They have both lost people close to them, including Francis's 27-year-old cousin. There are no vaccinations available and vaccines will not be distributed in the foreseeable future, perhaps for over a year or more. People are forced to continue working so they will not starve, which has only contributed to even more suffering, illness, and death.

Even the smallest contribution will make a huge impact. With only a few dollars, we can provide many families with masks to help minimize the spread. Funds will allow the purchase of oxygen tanks and machines for those sick and struggling to breath. Francis and Jonathan are on the ground ensuring the donations and supplies are distributed to those in need. They are also establishing a support system and working with local volunteer organizations that will ensure the program will continue once they return to Canada.

While we understand that similar situations exist around the world, this cause feels incredibly close to home, and our hearts. We know that we cannot assist everyone but if we make a difference in one precious community, then it is all so worthwhile. I know your help would be greatly appreciated and never forgotten. Thank you so much for your compassion and consideration!

~Tim & Diane Hackett

Follow the link to support Francis and Jonathan and the kind people of Batán Grande!

Jonathan picking up the first batch of masks from the closest city   Happy family receiving their masks

Community members are receiving PPE with the help of local volunteers   Packaging the masks for distribution

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