A Green Clean Slate for 2021

For 2021 we're bringing your sustainable getaway to new heights! 

With all that's going on in the world, we've chosen to maintain focus on what's most important. To us, it's cultivating healthy & memorable experiences with loved ones in a way that leaves a positive impact on the world around us.

For 2021, we continue our journey to become our best selves, a conscious Resort that allows our guests to feel confident that their getaway is as good for them as it is the nature outside our windows!

Introducing The Den: Quality Goods & Refillery

We are proud to share our new partnership with The Den! This locally owned and operated business is making clean waves with their long list of sustainable products and cleaning solutions.
By joining their Business Refill Program we have successfully and significantly reduced our plastic waste, keeping thousands of plastic bottles out of the landfill.
Stop by their store in Ucluelet on your next visit or order your favourite refillery products online at www.thedenucluelet.com / @TheDenUcluelet.

These are the many products you can look forward to using on your next trip to Long Beach Lodge!




In your room and throughout the Lodge, you'll discover ONEKA, a Canadian-based and family-owned and operated small business. There are many amazing aspects to their minimal waste business model, but our favourite part of their story is that they harvest all the herbs in their products from their own farm! They use certified organic ingredients and are vegan and biodegradable. Not only that, they truly believe in a circular economy. Once our large 5 gallon refill bins are empty, The Den refills them via their 55 gallon drums, which are then refilled again and again by the ONEKA Farm. Thus, reducing single-use plastic every step of the way. Oneka is a Bcorp and through their offset program, for every gram of plastic used and every gram of CO2 emitted by the company, 2 grams of ocean bound plastic is removed from rivers and coastlines and 2 grams of CO2 is being sequestered through tree planting; making for a healing and restorative action. It works great, smells amazing and feels fantastic on the heart and skin!



Take a deep breath of the forest’s rich, earthy scent and enjoy our natural cedar and sage shampoo, specially formulated to help revitalize your scalp naturally. Your hair will absorb the cedar, known for its antibacterial properties, for a deep cleansing effect. The sage, known to help balance sebum production, blends with the hemlock, burdock, and nettle extracts to invigorate and stabilize. Go ahead – let the scent of the forest soothe your soul and amplify your senses.

Body Wash & Hand Soap

Let your skin delight in our natural cedar and sage liquid gel. The cedar’s purifying qualities will energize your skin, while the sage is known to facilitate moisture balance.The burdock and nettle extracts will invigorate your skin, and hemlock is known for its stabilizing and balancing effects.


Our natural cedar and sage conditioner is specially created to help heal your scalp naturally. The cedar, known for its antibacterial properties will refresh your hair, working in perfect harmony with the hemlock’s stabilizing qualities. The sage will help balance the sebum production while the burdock and nettle extracts invigorate the pores.

Body Lotion

Experience the cedar and sage's natural purifying effects with this invigorating lotion. Made from a nourishing herbal blend, our lotion can be used on hands, body and feet, providing deep hydration. It is non-greasy and perfect for all skin types.

Bar of Soap

by Be Clean Naturally

The hand soap amenity bars are handmade in BC with all natural & organic products, scented with pure essential oils of rosemary & fir. Once the soap is created, it is hand cut and hand stamped, then curse for 5 weeks for optimal durability & lather.

Dish Soap

by Mint Cleaning

Handmade in Ucluelet, this all natural biodegradable dish soap is tough on grease and long lasting. Strong enough on pots and pans, and gentle enough to wash your hands. Infused with citrus and mint essential oils, this dish soap works on all surfaces and makes cleaning a treat.

Dishwasher pods
by Unscented Co

Meet our brand new generation of ecodesigned all-in-1Dish Tabs! With their super concentrated formula made from more than 93% plant and mineral based ingredients, these ecodesigned tabs are even more efficient than ever before!
A fresh take on grease. A pre-soaking, cleaning and rinsing agent all-in-one, these Dish Tabs scrub away food residue and leave dishes and glasses sparkling. Tough on grease, our tabs are biodegradable and safe for septic tanks. No need to unwrap the water-soluble pouch! 100% recyclable packaging. Fragrance, dye, phosphate and chlorine free.

Love these amazing products and want to bring them home? You may purchase your favourites from our Mini Den store in the lobby. They can also be purchased online at www.thedenucluelet.com / @TheDen.Ucluelet .


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