Tidbits from Tim

Tim Hackett - Owner, Long Beach Lodge Resort


December 2023

I think, with reservations, it may finally be time to reveal a closely held Tofino secret. Insiders know to visit over the winter months! While storm season is highly promoted, what isn’t is the secret of lot's of nice days with sun that we enjoy over our winter, as evidenced by our sunset photo, taken in November. Over the winter months, there may be a storm, which is a site to behold, but there are also so many beautiful beach days with incredible sunsets. Other advantages to a winter visit are cheaper room rates, less people around, as compared to summer, cozy rooms with fireplaces and great winter food and wine menus!   Tim Hackett - Owner, Long Beach Lodge Resort

We are having a very busy winter, making all sorts of improvements to our lodge rooms and cottages, as we do every closure. This year, we are also building a new staff housing building that will add single-room accommodations for many of our valued staff. Additionally, for our guests, we are building a beautiful new spa, gym, and laundry. I believe that the spa was our one missing link. I look forward to our spa opening early next year.

As you may be aware, we are closed over the holidays to give our staff a well-deserved break to refresh and spend time with family and friends—something very uncommon in the hospitality business! With the year coming to an end, we want to thank you for being our guests. We are incredibly appreciative that you choose to visit us. I genuinely hope that we meet all your expectations and that you continue having wonderful visits. On behalf of our whole team, thank you and best wishes for the holidays and 2024.
Best wishes,

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