Tidbits from Tim

Tim Hackett - Owner, Long Beach Lodge Resort

October 2023

Autumn has arrived, and with it, shorter days and cooler nights. Birds are migrating on their long journey south for the winter, including thousands, maybe millions, of Sandpipers, as well as many other shore birds and geese. After eating blackberries in late summer, bears are now arriving at the river estuaries to gorge on salmon to gain fat ahead of their long winter nap. I always feel sorry for the salmon, who, after incredible odds, almost made it back to spawn!
For the rest of us, life is easier! Autumn is the beginning of what I refer to as the "cozy season" at the resort. A time to relax in front of a warm fire, maybe with your pup, a nice glass of wine and a good book. Perhaps a relaxing soak in the hot tub could be in order after a long walk on the beach. The kitchen offers delicious fall fare and great Thanksgiving feasts with turkey and all the trimmings. October is also a time to perhaps experience the first major winter storm, sometimes so big that it threatens to wash away the lodge!

As I have mentioned earlier, in addition to our annual maintenance closure, we have just begun two major construction projects. With our wish to improve our staff's living conditions, we are building a new $2,000,000  building on the property. While not hiring more staff, the new building will offer our staff members single-room occupancy. Because of the shortage of reasonable and affordable housing in Tofino, we provide our staff with both on and off-property housing. We currently employ about 100 staff members in the high season. Without suitable housing, it would be impossible to hire our awesome employees, many being
foreign workers who have picked Canada and wish to become citizens eventually.
Our second project this winter is to build a Spa, which we will open in the new year. I think it may have been our one missing link! Wedding parties, girls getaways, and couples will be able to enjoy a fabulous experience without ever having to leave the property. We only began to plan the spa after finding Lindsey, a qualified and experienced practitioner. We are blessed that she decided to join our team as Spa Manager.
Best wishes for October. We would love for you to join us; check out our fall specials!
  Tim Hackett - Owner, Long Beach Lodge Resort

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