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Fitness Room in the Riptide Centre...

Long Beach Lodge features a fully equipped fitness room in the Riptide Centre, immediately adjacent to The Surf Club Adventure Centre. This bright, spacious room includes a treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical trainer, a universal machine and free weights and is complemented by a large screen wall-mounted television.




Yoga at the lodge

In-house Yoga Practice | $25 per guest

Summer yoga sessions take place on the beach when weather permits.

Monday / Wednesday / Friday @ 10:00 am
  • 75 min Hatha Flow class offered at 10:00 am. Weekly classes are open to all ages and skill levels. We kindly ask that you register before 10pm prior to morning session. Please contact our booking services for full calendar availability.
Thursday @ 5:30 pm
  • 75 min Hatha Flow class offered at 5:00 pm. Weekly classes are open to all ages and skill levels. We kindly ask that you register before 10pm prior to evening session. Please contact our booking services for full calendar availability.

Private Practice
Customized dates and times available upon request

  • 60 min | $85 / person
  • 90 min |  $110 / person
  • + $5 per additional person
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Special Classes Also Available at Long Beach Lodge Resort:

Couple's Yoga 
$100 for 2 people

A class for two, designed for any couple (about to be married, celebrating an anniversary, etc.). A 75 minute practice consisting of couples poses that emphasize the connection and breathe between two people. A great practice that is simple, gentle and fun! Tea offered after class.

Wedding Party 
$140 up to 5 people + $5 per additional person (max 16)

Designed for intimate wedding groups and their guests. A 75 minute fun practice designed to relax and bring playfulness to the wedding party/guests. This is an ideal practice for any day leading up to the wedding. Tea offered after class (candles and flowers to enhance the experience).

Bridal Yoga
$140 up to 5 people

A 75 minute practice designed to relax and connect the ladies before the big day. This class is tailored to your group and experience. You choose your level; anywhere from a gentle hatha class to an active vinyasa flow. Tea offered after class (candles and flowers to enhance the experience).

Corporate Yoga
$125 up to 5 people + $5 per additional person (max 16)

Perfect for retreats and business groups. A 75 minute gentle practice focused on relaxing and grounding the group. This is a great way to begin a full day!

Meet Your Yoga Instructors...



Select Image to viewI’ve been practicing Yoga for 7 years, starting with meditation before finding my place on a Yoga mat. In 2011 I studied Buddhist Meditation at Kopan Monastery in Nepal. In 2014 I completed my first yoga teacher training in Mysore, India, at the Mystic School. After spending time in Canada to refine my teacher training, I enrolled in a 300hs yoga teacher program in Rishikesh, India; a multi-style course at AYM school. I got to practice and learn different approaches including Yoga Therapy, rooting deeper on the benefit of each practice within yoga, meditation and Pranayama practice.
Yoga allows you to return to your center and shed layers while teaching patience and acceptance. I love bringing intention to work through the practice, sharing stories, different limbs of yoga and mindfulness to the present moment. Although I have practiced Yoga from India for many years and am inspired by the traditional styles, I bring an infusion of the western world to every class. I focus on alignment and foundation as well as beautiful movement flow, synchronized with the breath.
Most recently I was on a retreat in Indonesia, teaching yoga and meditation. Before returning home, I paid another visit to India, partaking in intensive Ashtanga Yoga training in Rishikesh. I am excited to be back for my fourth season at Long Beach Lodge Resort and for the opportunity to share the teachings I have acquired along the way.


Select Image to viewAfter practicing yoga for many years, my heart gave me the push to India to complete my yoga teacher training. Coming from a background of sports and kinesiology, I felt I had a good foundation when it came to the physiology of our bodies, however what I was missing was the link to the mind. Yoga, to me, is the perfect balance between physical strength & mental clarity. This is what I hope to share with my class. I believe being on the beach, listening to waves, and breathing in nature, is an effortless way to reach this balance. I hope you can come join me for a beach yoga class here at Long Beach Lodge in beautiful Tofino, BC.


I have been practicing yoga for over ten years. Yoga found me during a pivotal time when my Rheumatoid arthritis, career demands and parenting put pressure on my physical and mental well being. Lucky for me, a steady practice injected balance into my life, I found clarity and my RA went into remission. At the time, I thought it was a miracle that yoga could do this and it motivated me to find out more and teach others to do the same. I studied with Julia McCabe, 500 hrs Power Vinyasa Flow, followed by various, including Advanced Teacher Training with Natalie Rousseau. My formal education is in Landscape Architecture with undergraduate studies in Fine Arts, major in music and Art History, all from the University of British Columbia. I spent 26 years in Whistler, BC, leading an active life, raising two boys, teaching piano to well over 500 students, and designing and building the trails, parks and gardens of Whistler. My yoga practice led me to the coastal town of Tofino, where I still enjoy all those things but in a much more balanced way and spirited way. For me, yoga aligns all interests and lifeʼs commitments under a singular mandate: nourish and be kind to your body, your mind, your neighbors, Mother Earth. Create space in the mind by offering daily stillness. That space, in turn, creates an opportunity to connect to the physical body which ultimately brings greater freedom/mobility and self expression. Yoga disciplines my body and mind to filter through the “noise” and extract the parts that are important to me. Teaching allows me to retrace my journey, to examine how people learn and by doing so, study the human condition. We all have unique learning curves and teaching allows me to examine this individuality, creating a vocabulary and an approach unique to each student. My passion is to bring live music (harp, piano, & harmonium) into the yoga studio and explore how they both compliment and enhance each other.


Coastal Bliss Yoga... Tofino's first and only yoga studio


Relax, expand, renew, enjoy! Visit to see current class schedule, learn more and check out the teacher bios. Private and group yoga, workshops, space rental and retail product available. $18 drop in, class passes available. Located just down the road from Long Beach Lodge heading into Tofino at Outside Break 1180 Pacific Rim Hwy,, 1-888-589-2246

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