Nature Walk on Cox Bay!

Meet Yuliya and join her on the beach to learn more about marine life here on the coast!

"Hi! My name is Yuliya and I’m one of the surf instructors here at the Long Beach Lodge Surf Club. Living in Tofino has opened my eyes to the deeply complex and diverse organisms that call the Clayoquot Sound home. I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to finish up my degree in marine biology out here in Tofino, and am very excited to share my knowledge about these ecosystems through a new guided Nature Walk along the Cox Bay intertidal zone. The hour-long experience will touch on the various unique adaptations that creatures of the intertidal have developed, as well as some of the ways our activities affect the balance of their life cycles. I hope that guests take away new skills in species identification, an array of fascinating facts, and a greater understanding of the links between human societies and wildlife. Head over to the Surf Club for more information! 
Thanks, Yuliya

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"Great meal and great service in the Great Room"
My wife, my family and I enjoyed a very special anniversary dinner, in the Great at Room, at long Beach Lodge on November 15, last year. Everyone in our party was impressed and each thought the other was going to write a great review. Oops! The meal was served by Katherine, who was exceptionally gracious and knowledgeable. We have eaten here many times before and have always enjoyed the food and the service, but this anniversary was memorable by any comparison, thanks to Katherine’s knowledge and recommendations, for both food and beverage. She has a gift in personality and knowing just how to make something extra special. We will be back at LBL again this month so looking forward to more excellent dining.
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This is our 3rd year having a staycation at Long Beach Lodge in January. My hubby's birthday is in January and we have really enjoyed our stays here. The waitress was amazing, during my husbands birthday dinner. We order the lamb dinner for 2, and my hubby being from England always orders his meat "well done". As we are patiently waiting for the lamb to be cooked, the waitress knowing I preferred my lamb medium....she went to the chef and asked if they could take my portion out early when it was cooked to my preference. She did this without me asking, and my lamb was perfect and my husband's lamb was well done as per his request.
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We enjoyed our 3 day BC Ferries vacations trip. This was the first time we have made time for ourselves. Watching the big waves and tides from the shore was a good change as we have a Ocean Cruising boat and have been caught in the swells and strong winds while cruising the coast.