The Most Colourful Boardwalk in Tofino

You may have found yourself gazing at a glassy Aftanas covered in acrylic at the local pharmacy or a beautifully decorated wooden board tucked above the produce isle at the Coop, and wondered what you’d stumbled upon. Perhaps you discovered a colourful map in the Tofino Time Mag that took you on a curious hunt of vivid creation. Either way, you were a fortunate participant in a 3 tiered project, hosted by the Tofino Arts Council.

The 1st phase of this endeavor was to highlight the spectrum of style and creativity in Tofino and surrounding communities. Artists of all ages were commissioned to design upon a blank surfboard in celebration of our local wave-riding culture. 

The 2nd phase was to display these beautiful works of art around town and campaign an audience to experience them. The map served as a treasure guide to 20 individually displayed boards in lobbies, stores and at your favourite eateries.

Temporary host venues enabled viewing opportunities before the project moved into phase 3, the Tofino Boardwalk Gala Auction. May 26th will be considered the end of the trail. Surfers, collectors, artists, and friends will gather for the love of food, drink, music, and art. Each board will be auctioned off to raise money for an array of local art initiatives.


Please consider this your official invite to see the entire covey on display for a final time and for a rare opportunity to take a one-of-a-kind board home with you!

Long Beach Lodge is proud to support the Tofino Arts Council and we hope you'll join us in encouraging them to keep up the great work!


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