What is 'Tofino Time'?

In it’s physical form, 'Tofino Time' serves as a directory for local info, activities, events, accommodation, dining and more. This popular paperback is the first thing you’ll want to grab on arrival for the ultimate inside scoop for what’s happening around town during your stay. BUT...

... ‘Tofino Time’ is much more than a magazine; it’s a mantra, it’s a motto, it’s a way of life. It’s otherwise known as the Pacific Rim sub-species of ‘Island Time’ and glimpses can be seen along the winding, scenic road to the coast. Un-favoured by the impatient drivers on Highway 4, ‘Tofino Time’ may present itself as a family-packed RV taking the turns at a snails-pace or a minivan stacked with long boards and bearded yogis wielding selfie sticks and love-locks. The phrase conveys an essence is indulgence, a feeling of zen, a sense of non-urgency, a vibe of blissfulness, with a touch of stoke. You can only fully understand by experiencing it first hand and here are some ways you can:


1. Take in the view... a lot!

The Great Room vista offers an amazing perspective of Cox Bay. Watch the surf, catch a sunset, or just enjoy some 'you time' in our cozy lounge. When you're on Tofino Time, you set your own pace.


2. Take to the seas!

Whether it's dipping your toes or hitting the waves, no time in Tofino is complete without connecting with the ocean. Salt water is a main ingredient when attempting to achieve serenity!


3. Feast! 

Nourish the body, nourish the soul! Tofino is a land of abundance. We have a rich, slow food culture in our tiny town. Nowhere else will you see gumboots in a fine-dining restaurant.

If you’re not on ‘Tofino Time’ when you get here, it won’t take long to set the clock straight!

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