Just Announced: Surfing Officially Classified as Olympic Sport!

The countdown is on! You have 1448 training days for the 2020 Summer Olympics, time to  get in the water! 

As if you needed another amazing reason to take to the waves, the IOC officially announced they were adding surfing to the 2020 Tokyo games. The short board competition will be held in natural conditions, not a wave pool. For 20 men and 20 women, this will be an epic, international battle for team status as it's important to the IOC that there is a wide geographic representation. 

Here at Long Beach Lodge Resort, we support your commitment to catching waves and hanging ten. We welcome the public and non-guests, so take advantage of our world-class surf school for all your training needs. With our fast-track training program, you'll be on your way to the podium!

Hit the beach with a buzz!
Enjoy a pre-froth, frothy cappuccino in the sunshine on our Surf Club patio while visualizing how you'll master the perfect drop-in.


We'll 'suit' you just fine! 

At the Long Beach Lodge Resort surf school, we have a range of sizes and styles for any skill level and weather condition. Choose your own adventure!


Work hard, rest easy!
Luxuriate in a post salt-chuck soak and steam. This is a great opportunity to relish in the success of mastering your duck-dive.

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