Tofitian Lifestyle Secrets Revealed: It’s in the Food!

Discover what our local flavours say about us & how to maximize your Tofino culinary adventure!


It’s no secret that Tofino has become a mecca for great food. Perhaps even, revered for its rustic gourmet, as much as it is for its beaches. If food is correlated to community, then what’s it say about ours?


We are PROUD of our surf + turf !

Yes, we adore our waves and beautiful scenery but I’m referring to what’s underneath the surface and canopy. We have an abundance of flora and fauna along and under our waters. Whether it’s post-work casting off the rocks at Tonquin Beach or picking chanterelle mushrooms on weekends, harvesting is in our culture. This is how many local foods make it to your plate. From spruce tips to fiddleheads, you’ll find an array of freshly foraged items on the menu this summer. 


We LOVE to be inspired !

Tofino has a year-round population of approximately 2000, swelling significantly in the summer. This means there is a constant influx and outflow of residents. We have people travelling from all over the world to work and play in Clayoquot Sound. There is also a constituency of workers attracted to southern climates in search of warm waves, returning with a broader appreciation of culinary diversity. Many of these friendly faces find their way into restaurant kitchens around town, creating dishes influenced by their global travels. Dining in Tofino, you’ll experience a beautiful blend of local + international flavours.


We CELEBRATE in abundance !

A good meal brings people together. It’s an opportunity to sit down and talk about all your activities, such as, how many waves you caught, how many bears you saw on the tour, or how beautiful your hike was. To maximize our social time, we have created a festival for just about everything. Not only is it an opportunity to indulge, it is also a chance to showcase the skills of our culinary team. As Tofino grows, so does our audience. We strive to stand out, creating foodie events that are well worth the winding drive.


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 We don’t settle for ordinary !

At the lodge, there are many creative ways to take your dining experience to the next level:

1. Snatch a sunset!
Plan your meals around a natural phenomenon – The Great Room has a remarkable view at all times of the day but if you really want a spectacular experience, dine at sunset or high tide to get a close-up of surfers.

2. Pack a picnic and head for the hills!
Fresh sandwiches and accoutrements from our kitchen are available to go. No need to stay inside on a sunny day, Vargas Cone awaits! 

3. Take to the beach!
The Sandbar Bistro is now open for the summer from 2pm-sunset, daily. Choose a full meal or a post-surf snack while you lounge seaside in our comfy adirondack chairs. Enjoy full-service wine, beer & cocktails while you take in the panoramic view.

4. Cook your catch!
With charters running daily, you can grill up that 30lb salmon you reeled in that afternoon. We have a fully equipped BBQ shelter to keep those strong, west coast aromas out of your cabin!

Plan your next adventure around these upcoming events!

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