Honouring World Oceans Day at Long Beach Lodge Resort

Today and every day, we show gratitude to the Ocean and all that she provides.


Every time you interact with the ocean, you feel a supernatural energy that’s older than time itself. It doesn’t matter if you’re surfing, exploring tidal pools, or even just staring out towards the horizon, you’re tapping into the lifeblood of Planet Earth’s existence.

Situated at the tip of The Esowista Peninsula, Tofino is almost entirely surrounded by ocean. And while our location may feel remote, that big, beautiful, blue breathing entity that encircles us actually connects us to every living organism—large and small—that calls this planet home.

The interconnected nature of our coastal existence is what inspired World Oceans Day, which is celebrated globally on Saturday, June 8th. The oceans rule everything around us no matter what day of the year it is. But it’s important to reflect on our relationship, both individually and collectively, with the fragile ecosystem of which humans are very much a part.

Locally, Long Beach Lodge respects and supports the efforts of the Surfrider Foundation’s Pacific Rim chapter. They’re hosting a beach clean in Ucluelet to honour World Ocean’s Day on Saturday, June 8th that kicks off at 10:30 am. And on July 3rd, they’re hosting another beach clean on Cox Bay for Washed Up Wednesdays, a weekly occurrence that will rotate through our local beaches until summer’s end.

Keep an eye on the Surfrider Pacific Rim socials for more info.

One of the greatest threats to the health of our oceans is plastic, and Surfrider has launched a number of campaigns that take aim at its unnecessary uses. Their efforts are largely responsible for Tofino’s bylaw that bans single-use plastics like shopping bags, takeaway containers and takeaway cutlery.

Take Back the Tap is another one of their campaigns, one that encourages people to drink our tap water instead of buying bottled water and ultimately adding to the plastic problem which chokes out our oceans. We’re beyond lucky to have a rainforest-purified freshwater source in the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations Tribal Park on Meares Island, so we might as well use it. Of course we have to use it carefully, especially right now, as Tofino is currently under Level 1 Water restrictions.

Everything connects back to the ocean and the weather patterns for which she’s responsible. World Oceans Day gives us a chance to reflect on how water binds us all together.


Written by Mikey Nixon


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