Tidbits from Tim

Tim Hackett - Owner, Long Beach Lodge Resort

May 2024

It is a sure sign of spring when the magnificent Humpback whales began returning this week to our local waters, on their way to their summer feeding grounds in Alaska. What is truly amazing is that after wintering and giving birth in Hawaii, Mexico or Central America, the females are returning after travelling thousands of kilometers with their three-month-old calves in tow! While the calves are receiving breast milk, their mothers have not fed since leaving Alaska last fall! Our sister company, MAPLE LEAF ADVENTURES, takes our guests to Alaska and the Humpback's feeding grounds where it is not uncommon to see upwards of a hundred whales feeding in close proximity to our boats.  They are hungry and display ingenious methods to catch fish, sometimes working together, as a team. When not feeding, they can display what appears to be joyous behaviour, breaching out of the water. It is really something to see these bus sized mammals jumping, often completely clearing the water.



Also passing through our area, along with 30 other types of shorebirds, are the Western Sandpipers, as many as a million birds may stop on our sandy beaches and mud flats to feed. Again, similar to the whales, these tiny birds fly 15,000 kilometers along the Pacific fly zone, travelling from South America to Alaska and the Canadian north to both breed and feed, over the summer, before flying south again in the fall. From the water or the beaches, it is an amazing opportunity to view these amazing annual migrations. I think it is just another reminder of how we must protect this precious environment and all our fellow travelers, into the long future.  


May is always a great month as we welcome our guests with the reopening of our SandBar Bistro, Tofino's only beachfront patio. This spring is even more exciting as we open on May 9th, our new Rainforest Spa. I think our guests, including couples, girls’ getaways, wedding parties and corporate groups will love this new amenity.  Also, along with the spa, we offer guests our sauna and hot pool. Also, just opening is our Fitness Centre with state-of-the-art equipment. We have also a new laundry room which may be used without charge for our in-house guests.


We would love to see you in May. Come and enjoy our new amenities.


Best wishes,


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