3 Simple Ways to Change the World

There have been some amazing initiatives launched in the last few weeks that we thought were worth sharing. A little from many goes a long, long way and together we can make a giant impact on our community through these local campaigns.

1) Share Your Love

In an effort to relieve pressures on our parks and sanitation teams, keep the beaches clean and residents and visitors safe, our coastal communities have announced a collaborative campaign to encourage safe and respectful travel to the West Coast. We anticipate that our fall and winter months will continue to attract those seeking space and serenity. 'Show your love' by planning ahead (with accommodations and adventures booked prior to your arrival), leaving the beaches and trails cleaner than you found them, and by having patience with those on the front lines and at the tail end of an exhaustive season. Kindness will see us through! 

2) Share Your Dime



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The Raincoast Education Society (RES) has embarked on a fundraising campaign to keep their Raincoast Field School Program running for 2020. For every dollar raised in September, Long Beach Lodge Resort will be matching donations up to $35,000
This is an invaluable program that offers students an opportunity to engage in an environmental education experience like no other. This youth program runs on the generosity of local businesses and individuals who support RES and their mission to provide sustainability education to young people in our communities. Show your love; where every dollar counts as $2! Learn more...


#Give10ToHang10                                                                                      Donate $10

Each year, the SUPA Society hosts a family surf day for families and children who face the ongoing challenges of living with Autism. The Tofino waves offer a safe place to 'hang 10' from daily routine. Their mission is to "provide families with Autism unique event experiences in a dynamic, enriching and inclusive environment". With the popular event postponed until 2021, SUPA is focusing on fundraising for next year with a campaign encouraging supporters to give $10 and challenge 10 others to do the same.

(c) Photos: SUPA Society website 2019 event

3) Share Your Time

Have a giveback-getaway by connecting with a local organization. From beach clean-ups to skill-sharing, these local charities and non-profits are always open to a lending hand:

Many small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world. ~ Eduardo Galeano

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