Tidbits from Tim

Tim Hackett - Owner, Long Beach Lodge Resort

April 2023

I am delighted and proud to inform you that our General Manager, Samantha Hackett, has just been awarded, by the Tofino Chamber of Commerce, Business Leader of the Year. Sam has also just celebrated her 15th Anniversary with us, starting as a front desk agent and living in staff accommodation. She has always offered outstanding leadership and skill in managing our business, and she is greatly appreciated by staff with whom she has mentored and supported to make the resort what it is today. She loves the hospitality business! Samantha is a huge community supporter and volunteer and is currently the Chair of Tofino Tourism. On a personal note, since arriving in Tofino, she married my nephew Geoff, and together they have two beautiful young and brilliant daughters, Elizabeth and Savannah. 
  Tim Hackett - Owner, Long Beach Lodge Resort
This year we are offering something new, an all-inclusive four-night advantage package. While supplying the accommodation and food, we partnered with Long Beach Nature Tours, providing all the exciting activities. They are an excellent match for us, offering high-quality and first-rate adventures. They have an intimate knowledge of the west coast, having been in business for 25 years. Packages may be customized to meet your personal interests. 

We are humbled by all our excellent TripAdvisor reviews. It is interesting to note how many of our guests write about their four-legged family members who also visit; they share with us how their pups had a wonderful time. We love dogs and feel the resort would be the same with them. I often see pups heading for the beach, pulling on their leashes (come on, dad), actually smiling! 
Easter is always a great time at the lodge, with great weekend offerings from our Chef Shaun Snelling. If you visit on Easter Sunday, do not miss his Prime Rib dinner! I recommend reserving now if you are interested, as this event will quickly sell out.

Best wishes,

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March 2023

After a long winter, March has finally arrived!
After years of experiencing winters in Tofino, I have never experienced weather like we had this past weekend. Can you imagine a foot of snow? When I first arrived in Tofino, the locals assured me it never snows here! After the snow event on Saturday, it is very obvious that they were not completely truthful! I am sure that our weekend guests experienced more than they expected! I thank our staff for going the extra mile to assist our valued guests.

We have a first-ever exciting offering for March, our BED AND BREAKFAST Special. That’s right, extend your visit, stay two nights and enjoy the third night on us, including a $35 breakfast credit each morning; our breakfasts are to die for!
  Tim Hackett - Owner, Long Beach Lodge Resort
Come and enjoy our nice March weather, with all sorts of outdoor activities. Walking on our beautiful beach with your four-legged family members,  hiking wonderful rainforest trails, biking to town or through the National  Park on kilometres off-road paths, or surfing in calmer spring surf. After all, this activity has a hot tub or time in front of a cozy fire! Enjoy scrumptious dining and drinks in our Great Room. We would love to welcome you to visit during March. I sincerely thank all our guests who choose to stay with us, and our patronage is greatly appreciated by all of us.
Best wishes for a wonderful March, Tim

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February 2023

Belated New Year's wishes to all our friends and guests, may this year bring you health, happiness and a lovely beach break!
After our extended end-of-the-year closure, everyone is back fresh and relaxed and looking forward to providing friendly and helpful service to our valued guests. This year's closure served two purposes; the first was for our annual maintenance work that is impossible with guests present. The second purpose was new, to give our staff a well-deserved break after two long years of dealing with the stress of Covid. Staff travelled worldwide to visit friends and family they had not seen for years. Others travelled to warm locations to soak up the sun. We appreciate our team, who stayed over most of the break to help with maintenance and deep cleaning. The staff break was so well received that we plan to make it an annual event; folks in hospitality usually work all the holidays, including Christmas and New Year's.
  Tim Hackett - Owner, Long Beach Lodge Resort

We have an ambitious year ahead; we are building a new staff housing building, a laundry room addition with new housekeeping offices and, for our guests, a new Spa that will open early next year. We are also adding some EV charging stations to meet the demands created by all the electric vehicles now being driven to the lodge. This will be an excellent convenience for guests as there will be good charging capacity meaning guests will not need to leave the property to find somewhere to recharge.

Best wishes, Tim

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December 2022

Diane and I wish to thank all our guests who have visited the resort this past year. Your patronage is so greatly appreciated. We also thank all our guests who have trusted us to hold their very special celebrations at the resort, whether it be a wedding, a big birthday, a family reunion, a retirement party or a business gathering. It is truly our pleasure to host these special and memorable events. With the Covid restrictions being lifted, we now look forward to welcoming our guests and friends from the United States, Europe and around the world again.

Our staff members are the ones who make the resort what it is today through their friendly, helpful service, and they are our greatest asset.
Guests comment that while the resort and beachfront location may be beautiful, our staff keeps them returning! It takes every staff member to make the lodge a success; as a business friend recently commented, there are many moving parts! We also have a remarkable management team working with our General Manager, Samantha Hackett, our niece. We would also like to recognize the efforts made by our Chef Shawn Snelling and his food and beverage team. Almost every TripAdvisor review comments on our excellent food and service. We feel very blessed!

  Tim & Diane Hackett - Owners, Long Beach Lodge Resort

I am sure you already know that we are closing on December 4th and not reopening until January 12th. It has been a hectic two years due to Covid, and staff are tired! In the hospitality business, staff always have to work all the holidays, including Christmas and New Year. This year we thought it would be nice for them to spend the holidays visiting their family and friends and maybe also including a warm break.
Our very best wishes for the holidays and the New Year. We look forward to you revisiting our boutique resort next year!

Tim & Diane Hackett

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October 2022

Finally some rain! While I - like everyone else, really enjoyed our record setting gorgeous weather... I have felt quite guilty knowing that our salmon, forests and gardens desperately needed rain. It was quite shocking to see all the rivers driving into Tofino, just mere trickles compared to their normal abundance of water at this time of year. Even the bears were confused, not knowing if they should be looking to den for the winter. I believe this is more evidence of climate change, coming upon us much faster than the scientists ever speculated. Imagine seeing people sunbathing on our beach in mid-October!

Storm season may begin in November, we just don’t know! November is a great time of year to visit, it's the beginning of the real surf season.

  Tim Hackett - Owner, Long Beach Lodge Resort

Take advantage of our winter promotion, Become a Friend, Feel Like Family, and enjoy a 30% discount on room rates. Extended stays, with a room or cottage with a cozy gas fireplace is really a nice winter break for sure. Also enjoy our wonderful winter meals prepared by our chef Shawn Snelling and his crew.

We are humbled, again this year, with so many great TripAdvisor reviews, they make all our efforts seem so worthwhile. I think especially of our wedding couples who comment so positively, it is really rewarding to know that we were able to help make their wedding day so special. We love weddings!

Best wishes, Tim

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