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Bear Watching Tours

Hop aboard for a calm water cruise up Clayoquot Sound. Here in Tofino, you'll have a chance to encounter Vancouver Island black bears in their natural habitat.

The best bear watching experiences are at low tide when the the black bears make their way to the edge of the shore to feast on inter-tidal snacks. Watch as these robust omnivores effortlessly flip rocks in search of crabs and other easy morsels. With estimates of 7000-12000 individuals on the island, the local black bear population is believed to be the densest in the world, making bear watching a popular and successful activity on the coast. As the viewing season comes to a close, the bears will make their way up the streams to feast on spawning salmon. It is here that they become important nutrient depositors for trees, insects and birds within the riparian zone, making them invaluable members of the local ecosystem.

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Photo Credit: Josh Lewis   Photo Credit: Josh Lewis  




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