The Ultimate Destination for your Wedding...Tofino

Save the date for the annual Tofino Wedding Weekend –  Saturday, February 22, 2020!
Get a sampling of the Lodge, cuisine and personal wedding offerings as our venue is staged for your big day.

Join a guided site tour or drop by to meet our collective of event planners, wedding photographers, floral designers, cake artists, beauty specialists and more.

Once you reserve your stay, Rare Earth Weddings and Events will contact you with a schedule and information package.

We look forward to making your wedding dreams a reality!

5 Reasons to tie the knot at Long Beach Lodge


1. Romantic in Every Season

I’m sure you’ve heard it; surf season, storm season, whale watching season, boating season, bikini season, etc. There is no bad time to tie the knot at the end of the road. Of course, you’re going to want to plan for the unexpected as weather can turn on a dime. Which leads into reason number two: assorted weather patterns make for…

2. Beautiful Photo Opportunities

The benefits of hiring a local photographer are that they are adept at shooting in the rain or shine and familiar with the area, should you need to tuck away from a torrential downpour. Extraordinary circumstances make for unique and powerful photos that stand out from the standard wedding portfolio. Tofino is stunning from a 360-degree view. You don’t need much to make your wedding-scape magical, the land speaks for itself.

3. Adventure Awaits

There is so much to explore in very close proximity, allowing you to cater your holiday hitching to suit your vision. Choose from hot springs tours, sunset boat cruises, private catered picnics, short and long hikes, surfing, supping, bike rides, culinary tours, beer and wine tastings, wildlife tours, bird watching, and more.

4. Privacy on the Pacific

We’re a small town with big beaches. The sandy stretches of shoreline provide lots of intimate service site options for your big or small event. It’s easy to keep a low profile for your secret ceremony.

5. Instant Honeymoon 

Extend your stay right into your honeymoon! Having flexible dates means you have the benefit of exploring different rate periods. Aligning your big day with local festivals and events will give you and your guests ample activity options. Choose from group adventures to romantic getaways up the coast. A wedding planner will help alleviate your big-day stresses, allowing you to flow seamlessly from your ceremony to celebrations to calm days full of sun, sand, and surf.  

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