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Plastic-Free Pacific Rim

The Surfrider Foundation's Pacific Rim Chapter and the Ucluelet Aquarium challenge us all to go “plastic-free” for July and we are answering! Together, we will find ways to reduce and refuse single-use plastics in our everyday life and around the lodge. Here at the resort, we are continually exploring new ways to improve our green practices and are always open to new and creative suggestions.


Here are some easy ways you can refuse plastic at home and on your holiday in Tofino:

1. Refuse to-go. Stay and enjoy your cup of joe in the comfort of the Great Room or bring your own reusable mug for walks on the beach.

2. Tofino is strawless but having a metal or glass one tucked in your purse sure comes in handy for our smoked sea salt-rimmed cocktails.

3. Grab a tote for your shopping needs and say no to unnecessary baggage.

4. BYO-tupperware for leftovers. Although we use recyclable cartons in the Great Room, they’re unfortunately still commonly used once (but if you bring them back, we’re happy to refill them with your next meal).

5. Avoid plastic water bottles!! We have some of the freshest, most delicious water on the planet, right here on our coast. Grab a cup or stainless bottle for refreshing refills. Enjoy Meares Island spring water, straight from the tap! 

6. Shop local for beer! Tofino Brewing Co. has ditched the plastic beer rings and opted for a more eco-friendly box for your 6-packed cold brews and sell refillable growlers to-go.

7. Invest in a good spork! With all the amazing take-out restaurants in town, you may find yourself dining out a lot. Your plastic, single-use cutlery adds up and a trusty spork in your pocket is one of the best and easiest ways to be more conscious about your consumption.

8. Hit the Tofino Market for package-free snacks and produce.

9. Choose wines with natural cork/recyclable metal screw top vs plastic stoppers. We have an extensive menu to make happy choices easier.

10. Turn away tiny toiletries and pack your own reusable lotions and cleansers.


These are just samplings of ways in which each person can make a daily difference and hopefully together we make a significant impact on the Pacific Rim! 

  • Don't miss out on Pete Clarkson's flotsom art installation on 3rd Street. See how he's turning coastal trash into beautiful sculptures!


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