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We Bid Farewell to Chef Ian Riddick

After 5 1/2 years in the kitchen, our highly revered Chef Riddick is hanging up his Long Beach Lodge Resort apron. Since taking the role as Executive Chef, Ian has been instrumental in developing the high-end culinary climate the Great Room has grown to be known for. 

He will be remembered for many things but above all, his strong leadership and artistry. His inspired dishes design a full sensory experience. His imagination for flavour profiles and his passion for his craft helped to elevate our beloved Great Room to one of the elite local eateries. We could always count on him to push the palette and he has certainly left some big shoes to fill. As we welcome our newly appointed Executive Chef, Shaun Snelling, we are confident he is up to the challenge.

We are excited for what’s to come for Chef Riddick as he embarks on his next adventure as restaurateur. Recently purchasing the historic Matterson House in Ucluelet, Riddick will be now be serving happy patrons to the left of the junction. We want to thank him for all that he has done for Long Beach Lodge Resort, the supportive energy and atmosphere he has cultivated over the years, and for the immeasurable amount of love he has invested in his work.

We hope you join us in celebrating the time Chef Riddick has spent with us, the memories he helped to create and in wishing him the very best on his next endeavour at the Heartwood Kitchen.





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