You Do, We Do... I do

Weddings are riddled with wacky tradition and ceremonious protocol. For every couple looking to tie the knot, the challenge is to design a day that is uniquely you, among all the classic rituals. Your wedding day is a wonderful opportunity to have some fun with the old while bringing in some individual style and attitude. 

With so many recent engagements, there has been a lot of talk about weddings. Are you also curious where some of the most common customs arose. Here are 6 of which we found most interesting: 

1. What's up with the garter? Back in the olden days, couples would have to prove consummation of their union. In some cases, an audience was even present to witness. The tossing of the garter is said to be a play off the tradition of having to provide evidence the official holy matrimony was achieved.

2. Why the wedding ring finger? This has to be one of my favourite discovered origins! The ancient Egyptians are believed to have sparked this long-standing ritual by claiming there was a direct connection to the heart via a vein in the fourth finger. Awwwwe!

3. All about the cake... This delicious tradition is saturated with symbolism. Feeding each other represents the commitment to provide for one another. In many countries, the cake is broken over the couple's heads to bring good fortune. Saving the top layer of the cake and eating it on your first anniversary may serve as a reminder of your vows and help to relive the big day. Aside from being a good omen, the frozen treat gives you something to work towards in your challenging first year of marriage. Here’s hoping there's also some ice cream in there to help wash it down.

4. Why the old, new, borrowed, & blue... There are a few explanations for this one but they all agree the tradition is meant to bring luck and prosperity to the couple. The best I could find was that old represents continuity, new regards optimism for the future, borrowed signifies you have the love and support from those around you, and blue, being the customary colour of purity, is worn to exhibit commitment and fidelity. Entire wedding dresses were often in the hue of blue until the transition to white was made.

5. The belief that it’s bad luck for a couple to see each other before the wedding originated from arranged marriages but has evolved into a superstitious practice. Nowadays, couples opt for the surprise or grand revealing that also happens to create a fantastic photo opportunity known as the ‘first look’.

6. Unveiling the veil... Wearing a veil holds historical significance that varies across many cultures. During a wedding ceremony, it’s seen as a means of protection from curses and evil spirits as well as a sign of purity and chastity. Over the decades, the veil has evolved through many trends and styles, adding a touch of personality to the bridal attire. 

Above all, allow your love to inspire the celebration. You can choose to take or leave some of these popular traditions to make your big day truly about you! Whether you're trying to decide on the little details or the big things on your list, you have a strong planning ally at Long Beach Lodge Resort. The professional and experienced Wedding & Events Team is eager to assist you, from the foundation to the finest points. The ladies had some fun staging for the 2018 Annual Tofino Wedding Fair last month. The tables were beautifully adorned with florals by Wild Bloom Floral Design and the ambiance was set by the melodic vocals of the Mike & Alle Band. Thanks to everyone who made the trek to the end of the road to meet and greet the many talented local vendors and specialists in our region.

Happy planning!



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