Sanctuary from the Smoke

It is a scary time for many throughout BC as lands and towns continue to burn across the province. We are fortunate to find ourselves on a clear & cooler coast during this time but we still must be mindful during the dry season, ‘rain' forest or not.

Come take a deep breath, the air is clear and let's keep it that way! (See BC Air Quality Index)

View from the Great Room at Long Beach Lodge.

The Districts of Tofino & Ucluelet have implemented an open fire ban on public lands and there are a number of good reasons for it.

  • Yes, we may be in a ‘Fog Belt’ but we have been experiencing record-breaking high temperatures with little to no rain for weeks. Our old forests and surrounding brush are the driest they’ve ever been. One spark could have disastrous consequences.
  • Tofino is currently within Stage 2 water restrictions meaning our water source is being tightly regulated. Fire management adds additional strain on our limited resources. Let’s not be wasteful!
  • Our local emergency crews have been sent to combat large-scale burns in places of extreme need. Recreational fire management puts unnecessary pressure on our volunteer members.

Together, we can ensure Tofino remains a sanctuary from the smoke!

Ways to keep your cool this summer: 

- Try a summer surf or SUP lesson
- Cruise the harbour on a Marine Excursion
- Enjoy a breezy brunch at the SandBar Bistro
- Cool down with a summer-inspired cocktail



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