Your Best Adventure Awaits

We holiday to escape from the everyday, lured to the end of the road by daring and exciting things. We choose activities that shake things up, make us feel something new and riveting. Turning moments into memories and those memories into stories for the folks back home.

Adventure can be defined in many ways, especially in Tofino. Whether you’re on a board, plane, or in a boat, the best experience is the unpredictable one.

Our wild, west coast offers endless encounters with the unexpected. From wolf sightings to feeding frenzies, nature is always ready for show time. Upon leaving the dock for this exhilarating excursion, you’ll be overcome with the sense of possibility. The inlet cruise is approximately 2.5 hours of opportunity!

On past trips, guests have witnessed wolf packs, whales, eagles, otters, bears and more. The best preparation for a coastal escapade is a good camera and a great lunch to-go!



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