Fine Dining in CLAYoquot Sound

She picked up the reddish brown ball of clay, gently passing it from her right to left hand then back again. She pressed her thumbs delicately into its surface, leaving behind small indents. Thoughtfully looking down at her own terracotta-tinted hands, she seemed comfortable in that moment, like she’d stood there many times before.


Karla Stickland has lived and worked on the west coast of Vancouver Island for over ten years. Her exploration of textiles, culinary arts, foraging and growing, evolved into a passion for pottery and plating. She creates earthenware that evokes warmth and heartiness, inspired by the shapes and colours of her coastal home.


The process of firing clay has been a utilitarian art form for centuries, remaining relatively unchanged from early days. The magic is in the adaptation. Each piece of clay begins the same but the conclusion is never duplicated. The result is often unpredictable, meaning each vessel is a unique interpretation of its source. 


Visiting her pacific rim studio space, she shared a glimpse of her practice. Over years, she has developed a relationship with her favourite clays and glazes while continually experimenting with new formulas and techniques.

In the Great Room, Karla’s plates create a delicious unity between local harvest and design.

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Ft. Chocolate Quinoa Brownie topped with an earl grey chocolate ganache, toasted meringue & raspberry coulis

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Take one of karla's beautiful pieces home with you!
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