Feature Cocktail or Palatable Poetry

Each cocktail on the menu has been created with intention. Drawing inspiration from the land, the sea, and the people in this tiny town, Andre creates flavour profiles unlike any other.

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"All my cocktails are like Tofino; sometimes bright & sunny, sometimes dark & brooding, but always big & powerful."

On rare occasion I'll come up with something delicate. This cocktail is a tribute to Japanese techniques of subtle, symbolic and transformative cocktails. The combination of Stump Gin's forest flavours, St. Germaine's Elderflower sweetness and bright citrus combination invoke fresh early morning walks through the wet rainforest. The Creme de Violette ties it all together as its added last, sinking to the bottom of the drink. 

As the guest sips through the drink the  "flowers" of the Creme de Violette intensify, symbolizing winter changing into spring and the flowers awakening until spring has fully arrived."
andre, bar manager

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quiet hibernation as we wait for spring

stump gin | st. germain elderflower | ruby grapefruit | lime | lemon | giffard crème de violette

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