4 Reasons We LOVE Storm Watching

Storm watching…

It’s a term that we hear so frequently around Tofino, especially this time of year. As the warm and cold air currents collide off our coast, we are graced with some of the most spectacular weather patterns on Vancouver Island. Everyone loves a good tempest but what is it that draws us to the weather-beaten waterfront?


Storm season is an opportunity to witness the relentless power of our Pacific Ocean. Hidden in the tree line, I found myself unable to take my eyes off the waves as they smashed against the black, silky rocks. I was anxiously anticipating the next and the next, fearful of missing the set wave if I turned away for even a moment. I watched the sea birds flitter into the air a few meters, then skim back to the glossy shoreline, staying close but avoiding the surge. The trees stood determined, digging their roots tightly into the nooks and crannies as the winds hurled their branches wildly in every direction. I felt a connectedness to the world around me. We were all exposed, experiencing the extraordinary forces of nature, together in that moment.

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Rain dripped off my hood and down my cheeks. As I breathed in the musky dampness of shivered bows and cold stone, the tip of my nose stung from the chill. I stood beneath wind-tossed cedars as thunderous waves cracked against themselves in a boisterous display of predictable disarray. The ocean clashed with the beach, casting spray and sand into the air. Winds drove rain in all directions causing beads of cold, salty water to run down my raincoat and soak through the legs of my jeans. My boots marinated in a puddle of pine needles and mud and I could feel the cold making it’s way through the rubber to my wool socks inside. From head to toe, this explosion of wind, waves, and rushing water engaged my every sense.

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Standing there, I felt small. My world was in the midst of a dramatic demonstration beyond anyone’s control. In this humbled state, my “troubles” paled in comparison to the strength and power displayed before me. This storm offered a new perspective and I now saw the little things more gently, more manageable.

What I love most about storm watching is that it’s always different. The experience is uniquely yours and you can take from it what you wish. The production is guaranteed to be an entertaining experience. Storm season is a free travelling show that never performs the same gig twice!

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