Natural Ways to Nurture Your Body in Tofino

Just because you’re on vacation, doesn’t mean you have to break all your rules! In Tofino, there is no shortage of open-air fitness opportunities. For those seeking a quick and glorious adventure, find my favourite and most accessible peak at the south end of Cox Bay. Vargas Cone is a mini-mountain in the Pacific Rim National Park* that serves as an easy add-on to your daily surf-check while still satisfying that craving for a decent calorie-burn.

There are a few routes to get there but my favourite is found at a lower tide. There are no markers but the rocks provide a natural trail head and from there, the path is easy to distinguish. As long as you’re heading vertical, you’re likely to make it to the right spot.


You’re looking up at roughly 360 feet of scramble to the most epic perspective in/of town. I highly recommend footwear that can withstand a bit of slurp and stumble. Root mangled sections and exposed rock require to you use all limbs at times. I would avoid bringing a pooch that isn’t part mountain goat. Especially after a bit of rain, this trail can leave you quite saturated from limbs and puddles. My 3.5lb Maltese reached the summit in my backpack but still suffered a soggy noggin from brushing past the salal and waterlogged moss.




It’s important to turn around every so often, as there are many wonderful viewpoints along the way. This is surely a trek you don’t want to forget your camera! Once you reach the peak, don’t be shy about continuing along the path. On a clear day, this backside vista offers a sight-line down the coast to Long Beach.

From Long Beach Lodge Resort, it was a 15min saunter along the beach to the base of the mountain. Round trip was about 1.5 hrs, which included a few moments to take it all in at the top. It definitely took us longer to clamber down than up and it’s not a route to be rushed. If you want to shave some time, accessing the beach from the Maltby Road entrance will definitely save you a few steps.  Enjoy! 


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*Not an official park trail. Use at your own risk.

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