Must Sees and Swimming Holes on the Journey to Tofino

We've got the inside scoop! Don't miss these hot spots on your drive to the Pacific Rim. 


From Port Alberni, Tofino is 126 km of winding highway flanked by epic scenery. The evergreens blur past your window and the faint smell of the sea compels you to push the pedal a bit harder. You are so focused on arriving at your destination that you're missing so much along the way. We've got a mini-list of must-sees to help you slow down, enjoy, and experience the journey.


First Stop: Naesgaard's Farm & Market (5681 River Road, Port Alberni)
Snack up for the long haul!
This little family-run market packs a punch. They have a vast selection of locally grown fruits and veggies, cheeses, snacks, and other fun and tasty accoutrements. Fill your basket with healthy road-trip supplies. You will be surrounded by nothing but wilderness for the next hour and fourty-five minutes, so be prepared!



  Destination 2: Sproat Lake Provincial Park
Post up for a picnic!
Hit up the day use area of the 39 hectare park for a rustic lunch locale then take a post-feast dip in the hottest lake on the island. This stop boasts an abundance of parking, clean facilities, a sandy beach, and a green field peppered
with picnic tables. It's easy to find and a very short zip off the main highway.


3: Taylor River Rest Area
Photo Op! 
These turquoise waters wrap around the rest-stop, begging you to dip your toes. The water is so clear, you can count every pebble on the stream bed. In the spring, you'll see schools of cutthroat trout, making their way up the river from Sproat Lake to spawn. Give those legs a well deserved stretch!


4: Giant Cedar Trail
Nature Hike!

You're in the wild now! It's only a 500m hike along the river if you're worried about adding extra time to your travels. Be warned, there's a high probability there will be a bear in the vicinity, so be sure to make lots of noise as you stroll the riverside. Grab a brochure provided by the forest district and take advantage of the self-guided program. You'll be treated to a quick and lovely hike through the trees.

For more great hot-spot recommendations, check out The Real West Coast initiative/contest.This fun community program offers itineraries for all types of holiday seekers (not to mentions, a chance to win a night stay Long Beach Lodge Resort!).

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