Sustainability is a journey and not a destination

Here in Tofino, we are encompassed by the natural world. It’s woven into the food that’s served, the adventure opportunities offered, and the art on display. At Long Beach Lodge, nature is the inspiration behind the experience and the experience should be one of wellness, indoors and out.

Executive Housekeeper, Tijana Gluhovic, grew up in southeast Europe. For her, Tofino is a stark comparison to the crowded city with looming buildings she grew up in. Here, it’s the trees and mountains that stand tall around her. Upon moving to Vancouver Island, she quickly gained an appreciation for her new surroundings. It's the way Tofino engages your senses. The forests, the ocean, the sky, the sun rising and setting, rocky hills, the views, the vast sand, and the kind and creative people all collide in an exhilarating paroxysm of sensory combustion. She sees it as a place worth preserving.

For Tijana, it has become a daily mission to live consciously, continually exploring and researching ways to minimize her impact, locally and globally. She brings that knowledge to her role at the lodge where she has designed a custom cleaning program. The green cleaning practices used here are continually evolving to meet the highest standards of eco-sustainability in the hotel industry.


At Long Beach Lodge, we feel it’s important that both those who come to enjoy the resort and those who are taking the time to prepare the rooms benefit from a chemical-free environment. We are committed to using products that are safe. A product with a skull and cross bones has no place on our pillows or carpets where children play.
You can rest with ease, knowing your room has been primed with earth-based formulas made from plant extracts, essential oils, biodegradable and organic agents.

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Easy ways you can minimize your environmental impact when traveling:

-By using all-natural, biodegradable shampoo, conditioner, and soap means those suds circling the drain are fish-friendly.
-Re-use your towels to save water and energy.
-Avoid any products with micro-beads. These tiny toxic spheres go straight into our oceans and never break down.
-Turn off lights and lamps when you exit a room.
-Separate your waste, recyclables, and returnables for housekeeping staff.
-Ask for sheet changeover service only when absolutely necessary.
-We have the most delicious water on tap! Bring your own reusable water bottle and avoid 1 time use plastics.
-Grab yourself a Tofino map to explore the many places you can see on foot and by bike. Most adventure opportunities are within a short travel distance.
-Bring a stainless straw! Tofino is making the transition to a straw-free town. It'll be handy to have your own!

Long Beach Lodge Resort practices sustainability in many other areas of operation. Learn More!

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