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Lodge gig...

Director of Operations

Life as a local...

Self professed lover of all things wild, Samantha gave up the city life and found her way to the bountiful town of Tofino. “As a lover of whales and wildlife I knew that Tofino was the place for me,” she admits. Samantha has taken numerous opportunities to try the local excursions and can give you the inside scoop on all the local tours.

Not your typical small town animal lover….Samantha is the proud adoptive parent of Samish, a member of the southern resident Orca whale pod. Samish is also a mom of several healthy orcas making Samantha a very young grandmother! Meet Samish and her family:

Samantha wants people to know….

….that she is passionate about giving back. “My mom instilled the value of giving to charity in me at a young age and I have continued to do this throughout my life… even a small amount can go a long way.” The two main causes that Samantha supports fit right in with her love of animals and nature:

Her list...

  • Hometown: Victoria, B.C.
  • Music Musts: Garth Brooks, Savage Garden, Black Eyed Peas, and Brad Paisley
  • Must See TV: Farmer Want’s a Wife, Friends
  • Favourite Tofino Hotspot: Samantha admits that she can be found sipping a Long Island Iced Tea at least twice a week at the Weigh West Marine Pub (Rib Night and 2 for 1 Appy Night). What she hasn't admitted to, but it has been reported and backed up by photographic evidence, is that she is a rising star at The Maquinna on Karaoke Night…. her secret is safe with us!
  • Fave Surf Break: Cox Bay on a sunny day
  • Rides: 7’5” Soft top Half pipe
  • Her Perfect Day in Tofino: Sleeping in, a long walk on the beach with my soon-to-be husband or a trip out on the water to see the whales and a tasty dinner of local spot prawns
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