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Accounting Manager

A foodie turned accountant who has immersed himself in the West Coast lifestyle...

Originally from Cambridge, Ontario, Rob has always been involved in the restaurant world. As a young child, his love of food and service transpired as he spent his time working and learning in his grandparent’s restaurant. Rob then decided to venture out to the west-coast and has been working at LBL for the past 5 years, first as Restaurant Manager, and now Accounting Manager (a man of many & varied talents).

Rob is involved with various aspects of local life within the Tofino community. He has been a contender in the annual Box Parade, a DJ at the weekend hot spot, and helped organize Tofino’s 2010 Peace Fest, which was a peaceful, colourful, and musical event! Rob also enjoys the great outdoors and can often be found cruising his boat through Clayoquot Sound, hiking, and camping along the way. He has a happy-go-lucky attitude and can always be found enjoying life out on the wild West Coast.

Rob suggests you try...

Scuba diving in Clayoquot Sound…to see first-hand how amazing and diverse our oceans are. Whether Rob is scuba diving, boating, or just taking in the view, he appreciates the importance of our surrounding waters.

His List…

  • Hometown: Hespeler, Ontario
  • Favourite Place on the West Coast: Taking in the amazing view from the top of Lone Cone Mountain
  • Hidden Talents: He throws a ‘mean’ party!
  • Nickname: DJ Tako (Rob once dressed up as a Taco at the annual Box Parade and the name just stuck!)
  • Favourite Song: Africa, Toto
  • To-Do List: Travel to India and Thailand | Fix up his float-house
  • Favourite Food Memory: Eating at Profumo di Mare in Italy with family, enjoying amazing seafood and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. This meal opened his eyes to the importance of simple, fresh, local ingredients.
  • Last Words: “Thanks folks”

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