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Introducing Randy Paje...

  Lodge gig...

Randy is a long way from home...
Originally from Malaybalay city, Bukidnon, Philippines, he followed a job opportunity that lead him to the beautiful town of Tofino and to us at Long Beach Lodge Resort. Now that he is here, he loves meeting various visitors to Tofino and sharing their awe of the beautiful and rugged landscapes and sandy beaches.

His favourite Tofino Hotspot...
His favourite spot in the Tofino area is Sunset Point off the north end of Cox Bay with its breathtaking vistas of the Wild West Coast surf.

Top on his To Do List...
One of the top things on Randy’s to-do list is learning to surf in the freezing ocean in Tofino (in his words). If he went and spoke to Lou or Ryland in our Surf Club, he would quickly find out that as long as you have a wetsuit, you can barely feel the cold! Further, he can use his hidden talent of wiggling his ears up and down to keep his head warm.

Randy would like people to know...
...that he may seem to be quiet or shy if you do not know him well, but he is a funny guy once you get to know him.

Randy’s Favourites
  • Favourite Colour: Brown
  • Favorite Music: Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cold Play, Nirvana
  • Favourite Quote: “A career is born in public – talent in privacy.” Marilyn Monroe
  • Favourite Cartoon: Peter Pan
  • Last words: See you later guys!
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