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“Coach” of the LBLR Surf Club and Photographer

A true Islander, outdoor enthusiast & photographer…

When not out catching waves, Josh can be found with his camera and buddy, C-dog, hiking around the next bend in search of that perfect shot and new adventure. He eagerly shares his knowledge of the surrounding Clayoquot Sound with everyone he encounters and his passion for the West Coast is evident in all that he does. As one guest said after a surf lesson: “What an experience! We had Josh as our instructor and he is the "genuine" article. Informative and personable. He shared his own experiences in a way that made us feel that he too is merely a student of the sport.” Whether he is your surf instructor or he is capturing the moment for you on camera, Josh ensures that you will leave with a story to share.

Josh wants people to know…

…that he has been guiding various eco-tours, including kayaking, whale watching, archery, zip-lining, canopy walking, hiking, and surfing for 10 years. He takes full advantage of all that the great West Coast has to offer him both on land and sea.

His List…

  • Hometown: Tofino, moved here from Ladysmith when he was 19
  • Perfect Day on the West Coast: Camping with friends somewhere remote
  • Favourite Place on the West Coast: Ursus River Valley, Clayoquot Sound
  • Rides: Merrick Flyer
  • Favourite Surfer: Gerry Lopez
  • Favourite Surf Break: Kahutara, NZ
  • If you had a chance to go anywhere this very moment where would you go?: Kahutara, NZ
  • Music Musts: Hendrix, Dylan, Sabbath, Zeppelin, Soundgarden, Neil Young, Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Tool, Pink Floyd
  • Favourite Song: “All Along the Watchtower” – Dylan/Hendrix
  • Favourite Quote: “Wal-Mart…do they like make walls there?” – Paris Hilton
  • Hidden Talents: Trained in archery and technical tree climbing. Rumour also has it – he was a former member of a rising punk rock band called “Minimum Wage” … Rock on Josh!
  • Favourite Childhood Memory: Gramps’ stories
  • Top 5 Things on Your To-Do List: surf, travel, surf, travel, & surf!
  • Dream Job: Working is overrated.
  • Last Words: Surfing is underrated.

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