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Introducting Chris Heisterman...

Lodge gig...

Great Room Supervisor, Server, & Surf Instructor.

The people keep him here...

Chris has been working at the Resort since February 2010. Surfing first brought him to the West Coast, the waves keep bringing him back, but he says it is the people that keep him here.

Chris spent his summers as a child boating through Desolation Sound & at his family’s cabin on Quadra Island. He is a true outdoor enthusiast and appreciates the island and what it has to offer. Chris is happy when he has warm weather & clear skies, along with good waves, friends & food. He likes to relax with a BBQ on his Friday night.

He can’t think of a better place to work—right on Cox Bay—surrounded by great people, guests & staff. In his spare time, he can be found surfing Cox Bay, hiking trails around Tofino, & enjoying a hot coffee from the Tofino Roasting Company.

Chris has worked and travelled around the world. He even has his Australian Surf Lifeguard Certificate, not something that many Canadians can say they have! Chris has had various jobs in Tofino over the years, including Bella Pacifica Campground, Storm Surf Shop, the Weigh West & the Schooner. He has recently started his own business, Current Property Services, which offers a wide range of services for properties in Tofino. Working as a general property manager, he can be found painting, window washing, landscaping, carpet cleaning & much more, all around town. Give Chris a call if you need his help – he is “Offering Peace of Mind for your Property.”

Chris has visited a number of amazing destinations around the world – Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador, and Thailand. Although Chris has future travel plans, 5 years from now, he can still see himself living comfortably in Tofino.

His List…

  • Hometown: Campbell River and Kelowna, BC
  • Favourite Place on the West Coast: “It’s a secret … but it’s great!”
  • Favourite Surfer:  Tyler Smith (surf buddy)
  • Favourite Beach: Tallows Beach, Australia
  • Favourite Song:  Float On by Modest Mouse
  • Favourite Quote: “A wise man will tell you he has a lot to learn”
  • Hidden Talents: Can touch his nose with his tongue
  • To-Do List: Hike the West Coast Trail and family vacation
  • Top Travel Destination: The South Pacific on a boat
  • Last Words: "I really hope you are having a great day!"
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