Local Suppliers

Our chef has done his research. He has found local suppliers to bring every level of freshness to his kitchen at Long Beach Lodge. From kelp harvested in Bamfield to local halibut off the Tofino docks, his philosophy is to educate the palate and "feed all of the senses from the heart of the Island." He wants to know where the food he is serving to his guests is coming from. Chef wants to delight and intrigue the palate, but he also wants to educate and make his guests aware of the true meaning of sustainable and attainable.

With a fresh movement towards sustainability it allows small farms on the island to provide some of the highest quality, freshest products to be used in his kitchen. Fresh fish is available straight from the boats from two local fishmongers, Jeff Mikus of Wildside Seafood and Lutz Zimmerman of Pacific Seafoods. And with Nanoose Edibles farm providing vegetables, fruits and greens, he is more than ever believing that "local and sustainable" is not just an option, but a way of life.

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