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Living in Tofino

Most visitors to Tofino will tell you they want to stay forever, and while most make return trips, some simply put down roots and never have to leave. Tofino is a charming seaside village far removed from the bustling, busy world, and yet it offers all imaginable necessities as well as world-class restaurants and quirky retail experiences to boot. In addition to having everything one could need, Tofino offers many Canadians a lifestyle impossible to match elsewhere in the Country.

Although there are many places throughout Canada to surf, Tofino has the unusual distinction of being a surfing destination with rideable waves all year-round. Tofino is therefore a perfect place to learn to surf, as well as an ideal training ground for Canadian professional surfers. Wildlife and nature photographers (professionals and amateurs alike) would also be hard-pressed to find a more ideal locale for honing their craft with such diverse and consistent wildlife encounters and stunning scenery. Tofino also offers some of Canada’s most exciting fishing, sea kayaking, SCUBA diving, and hiking, among many other pursuits that have people longing for a chance to live in this incredible place.

No longer just a sleepy fishing village at the end of the road, Tofino has blossomed into a destination for people looking to spend a summer or a year in a wild place with no shortage of outdoor activities. Long Beach Lodge Resort staff are no exception and they come from all over Canada to live in Tofino, staying in staff housing a short walk from Chestermans Beach. Such arrangements are not uncommon in Tofino, giving the town a youthful culture as well a mutual appreciation of its beauty and wonder among locals and visitors alike.