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Freedom Cove

The coastal waters surrounding the community of Tofino are a mysterious and stunning network of fjords, islands, and channels. Tucked away in the remote inlet of Cypress Bay is Freedom Cove, one of the Tofino area’s best-kept secrets.

Part art installation and part farm, the floating gardens of Freedom Cove are a unique experiment in sustainable living and a must-see for all Tofino visitors.

Freedom Cove is a secret world bustling with creative energy
Artists Catherine and Wayne Adams have lived in Freedom Cove for over 20 years in a one-of-a-kind house surrounded by greenhouses and gardens. It’s hard to imagine a home more “off-the grid” as Catherine and Wayne’s, as they have built their home entirely on floating platforms in a quiet corner of Cypress Bay, far from the shores of Tofino. The floating garden is an expression of Wayne and Catherine’s artistic abilities as both are master carvers, Wayne is a sculptor and builder, and Catherine is a painter and writer. Wayne and Catherine live year-round off the food grown and caught in their floating gardens, making it fully sustainable.

  Taking a marine adventure through Tofino's Clayoquot sound

Freedom Cove is a secret world bustling with creative energy that welcomes all visitors to experience a simpler lifestyle emphasizing artistic expression and sustainability. The trip from Tofino to Freedom cove is through the protected waters of Clayoquot Sound, making it accessible year-round regardless of weather or ocean conditions. Very few Tofino tour operators offer Freedom Cove excursions, however Long Beach Lodge Resort is proud to offer guests the opportunity to experience this unique approach to sustainable west coast living.