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No bad feelings

For a Kamloops woman, Long Beach memories were made of a long-lost wallet and purse.

Martha Shepherd recently received a phone call from a sergeant from the RCMP detachment in Ucluelet. The Mountie asked Ms. Shepherd if she’d lost a purse. She had. Thirty-five-years earlier during her one and only visit to Ucluelet.

Did it still have the $100 in cash that was tucked away in the billfold when her car was broken into and purse stolen?

Unfortunately not.

Most everything else was intact though.

A highway worker found the wallet and purse in a ditch. Saturated, the RCMP dried it all out and then mailed it back to Ms. Shepard.

The Long Beach community wanted to ensure there were no hard feelings and pitched in and sent Ms. Shepherd $100 in a package along with all her old identification. Also included were souvenirs such as a blanket from the Ucluelet First Nation, bumper stickers, home-canned salmon, magnets and cards signed by residents.

Ms. Shepherd said she has not been back to Ucluelet since her purse was stolen and had no intention of ever returning. The kind gesture gave her a change of heart: she would like to return for another visit, hopefully in the summer.


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