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High Speed, Large-Capacity Internet Coming to Tofino

Faster, Higher-Capacity Internet Service Coming to West Coast Vancouver Island Communities
Tofino and Ucluelet announced on December 17, 2014 construction  plans for a faster, higher-capacity Internet link which will  plug the West Coast of Vancouver Island into the high-speed Internet.

A collaborative project between TELUS, BC Hydro, All Nations Trust Company and the Province of British Columbia, new optic cable will improve capacity, alleviate congestion, and significantly improve the quality of Internet service for residents, businesses and visitors.

The project is slated to start late-spring 2015 and, depending on the weather, is expected to be completed in early 2016.
The first stage of the fibre optic cable construction will take place from Great Central Lake to the Long Beach Junction. BC Hydro has already begun to prepare existing poles to support the additional weight of the fibre lines. Once complete, TELUS will string the new fibre optic cable along the fortified hydro poles.


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